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September 2006

Map of Morocco and Sth America

Map of Morocco and Sth America

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Plan of attack: Morocco and then on to Sth America

Map and Itinerary

Hi all,

So this is my travel blog / website - rather than sending emails with large attachments which clog up your email accounts - i thought I would try this instead. Watch this space for updates on where I am and what I have been doing - I will try and update it once a week for the next 12 weeks or so.

So with 3 months annual leave accrued, I plan on using it all and have decided to travel through Morocco (2 week camping / treking tour) and spend the remaining 2.5 months backpacking through Sth America. Before returning to Sydney at the Beginning of January 07.

My rough itinerary looks a little like this:
> 30th September: Fly to Gibralter, Cross into Spain, catch a Ferry to Tangier in Morocco
>1st Oct - 14th Nov: Trek through Morocco on a 4*4 truck
>15th Oct - head back to Spain travel up to Alicante, fly back to London and then fly to Panama
>18th Oct - Now in Panama: plan on hitching a ride on a private yacht over to Cartagena in Colombia
> Cartagena, Colombia
> 6th Nov: Fly to Quito in Ecuador
> Travel Sth to Lima in Peru
> Approx 20th Nov: Fly to Cuzco
> Approx 24th Nov: 4 Day Inca trail hike to the lost city of the Incas.
> Head to La Paz in Bolivia
> Head East to Salvador in Brazil
> Head South to Rio De Janeiro - Spend New Years here

  • Depart for Sydney

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